Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tournament Buddies! :D

I have several tournament buddies. They are awesome. A tournament buddy is a kid that you pretty much see only at tournaments so you're really excited each time you get to see them. The best is when you see your tournament buddy on the first day of a tournament and you get to freak out and be like "HII!!!" It's also great when you pass them in the halls and wave, give a quick thumbs-up, smile, hug, high-five, ect. Whatever it is, it's between you and your buddies, and it's great.

One time, I walked up to my friend and she was talking to this kid I sorta knew but had never really talked to but apparently he knew me 'cause the next thing I knew he was hugging me and shouting my name. We're buddies now. He's a high-fiver. It's fantastic. I know another girl who I met after she timed me in a round and then we talked a couple times after that and found we have a lot in common and now we're friends. I know a girl who became my buddy after she found out I was interping one of her favorite books which is also one of my favorite books. I have several friends that I love to be around despite the fact that I cannot remember when and how we met. I know other kids that I met and talk to primarily online so I kinda freaked out the first time I met them. It really is wonderful.

You're homeschooled. Let's be buddies.


  1. Can I be your buddy? :)

  2. I would totally be your tournament buddy, if I didn't live half-way across the nation from you. But one day I will go to a CA tournament, and we will meet for real. :)