Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thirty Seconds Used

I can't. But I did LD. It's only a matter of time before that's not a valid excuse.
actual comic. don't pretend like you can't relate.

I remember once when this guy named Kyle was thinking of starting a comic for homeschool debaters and he needed a name for it, so he invited a bunch of individuals of that description to a Google doc where we brainstormed together and you can guess what we came up with.

Now, I think the time has come for Thirty Seconds Used to get a cool motto. Here are my ideas:

Thirty Seconds Used: The Webcomic That's Been Making Debaters Look Forward to Mondays Since February 8, 2012

Thirty Seconds Used: Because Debate Is Funnier With Stick Figures

Thirty Seconds Used: The Comic That You Will Think of Every Time You Prepare a Limited Prep or Debate Speech From Now Until Forever Because the Timer Will Say the Name Unless They are a Bad Timer

Thirty Seconds Used: That Comic that Wrote about SCHSADKL Once

Thirty Seconds Used: All the Charts, Scenarios, and Song Parodies Your Debater Heart Could Desire

Thirty Seconds Used: The Best Homeschool Debate Comic by Default

Thirty Seconds Used: The Source of Those Hilarious Pictures That You Sometimes See Taped Next to Postings

Thirty Seconds Used: Basically Your Life in Panel Form

Thirty Seconds Used: Where That Thing You Thought Was Funny Gets Even Funnier When You Put the Mouse Over It

Thirty Seconds Used: Practical Advice on Avoiding the Debate Dungeon

Thirty Seconds Used: Where The Stick Figures Occasionally Wear Hats, Bowties, and Hair

Thirty Seconds Used: Making You Wish Tournaments Had More Hot Air Balloons and Time Machines

Thirty Seconds Used: Discouraging Global Annihilation But Encouraging Impacting to It

Thirty Seconds Used: A Disadvantage Free Comic Brought To You by a Really Tall TPer

Thirty Seconds Used: So You Have Something to Read During IE Patterns and Breaks from Frisbee

Thirty Seconds Used: Admit it, You Stopped Reading the "Thirty Seconds Used" Part a Long Time Ago

Thirty Seconds Used: Actually Neither This One nor the Above Option Would Fly as a Motto

Thirty Seconds Used: Where You Don't Know You're Topical

Thirsty Seconds Used: Drink More Water

Thirty Seconds Used: Dot Wordpress Dot Com

Thirty Seconds Used: Because the Stock Issues are like a Cow

Thirty Seconds Used: Because No One Goes to NITOC in the Fall

Thirty Seconds Used: Because Your Evidence Will Never Love You

Thirty Seconds Used: Frisbee, Alumni, Trophies, oh my!

Thirty Seconds Used: Homeschool Humor Every Monday

...wait, I think that one actually is the motto.

Which mean Thirty Seconds Used already has a motto.

Which means this was pointless.


So, Thirty Seconds Used. Have you read it? Because if not, the entire post thus far has made little to no sense. Fortunately, you probably read the comic at the top, so maybe that was helpful.

This post is written in appreciation of a fantastic comic penned by a fantastic individual who enjoys reminding us that yes, we are topical, and makes our Mondays a little brighter and stick figure-y-er.

You're homeschooled. Four and a half minutes remaining.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Comic About Us!

Well, mostly me, but that's okay.

click here for the original comic from Thirty Seconds Used, the best homeschool debate webcomic on the planet.
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this is not how Kyle and I met in case anyone was wondering. We were hiking up a hill and apparently needed food and Kyle suggested we "eat the short one." I have never been hiking since.

You're homeschooled, and you're already here, so, good job.