Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee

I remember the first time I read the Stuff Christians Like post on Ultimate Frisbee and yea, the name of that blog should sound suspiciously like that of this one which you are currently reading) which is titled FRISBEE- GOD'S FAVORITE SPORT, and I was like, "What, no, isn't frisbee for dogs?"

Then I joined debate where apparently frisbee is apparently a big deal.

A couple of months ago, I showed up to a party which apparently revolved entirely around frisbee. I was not exactly dressed the part. Some of my friends eyed my summer-y dress and flower-y flip-flops doubtfully.

"I don't have to play," I insisted.

"Yes, you do," they replied.

And thus began my frisbee career.

After a few quick lessons in how to throw and catch a frisbee (think "crocodile arms," or so I was told), I was all too literally off and running. Evidently frisbee involves lots of running, which isn't exactly my favorite, and most of the good people are tall, which isn't exactly something I'm known for. But hey. Frisbee's kind of cool.

I am semi-proud to say that a frisbee has now been thrown to me like, four times, which, when you consider that I've only played three games, is... not exactly good, but I guess not terribly awfully horrible. I'd really rather not be trusted with that kind of responsibility, anyway.

Frisbee is a lot like debate. I run arguments, you run across a field. You drop arguments, I drop the frisbee. It's mostly intense back-and-forth and back-and-forth, like a good Cross-Ex. And keeping score is kind of similar to flowing. And, uh, let's see, what else? Uh, you have teams, like Policy and Parli. aaand the games feel like they're never going to end. Like Team Policy rounds. And some frisbees are yellow, like flowpads. And debaters play frisbee, just like debaters debate. And the grass is green like that pen I kept forgetting didn't have ink. So I guess it wasn't that green. And there's an objective winner and loser, like we all like to think there is in debate. And you're not allowed to touch anyone on the other team, like duos.

I totally see why so many debaters love it.


Kind of.

You're homeschooled. Go long!