Want to write a Guest Post?

Send an email to schsadkl@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name, general qualifications, (ie, if you are/have been homeschooled, if you compete in Stoa and/or NCFCA, if not why not, ect. If you're reading this, you're probably qualified.) and opinion on whether pencils are legitimate instruments of flowing, just for kicks. I'll need a general bio to put in parentheses, which you may have noticed if you've read other guest posts.

If you have an idea, send that in. Even better, if you've already written a post, send that in, preferably attached as a Word or Pages doc.

If you have a blog, Twitter feed, tumblr, or whatever of your own that you'd like me to link to on your post, I'm happy to do just that in the parenthetical section.

Hope to hear from you!

Guest Posts are currently discontinued. Adieu.