Sunday, March 18, 2012

Being Really Extra Dramatic in DIs

I just practiced my DI about 30 minutes ago. My throat still hurts. Also, I just cut stuff from it, so I was "practicing" it by sitting down and reading the script straight off my computer. And then I realized I was hitting my desk really hard on the angry lines and then I stopped doing that. Yet somehow it felt really good.

We like knowing we can get into character, I guess. We can be angry when we want. We can bring tears into our own eyes on occasion. We can even recover quickly and thank the judges for timing, and that is a valuable skill.

How often do you see a DI that just isn't dramatic at all? It's quite infrequent. I mean, it happens, but not every day. Even pieces entered as DIs that are more OI in nature are still dramatic. It seems to me that far more often we'll see a DI that is reallly dramatic. Sometimes the drama is fitting. Sometimes it's way over-the-top. That's just how interpers are. We like being really extra dramatic in DIs. We like being really extra dramatic all the time!

If you're in speech and debate, the odds are good that you like being in the spotlight. You like people staring at you. You like jumping on a big stage by yourself. If you're in DI, then for some reason, you even get a kick out of dying from time to time, and that's totally ok. How often do you get to die or hurt somebody? How often do you get to scream as you're being tortured? How often do you get to pour your heart and soul into a anger-filled monologue while three moms watch with tears in their eyes?

For us, all the time. We love it.

Just let it out, man. Let it out. Sometimes one of your multiple personalities characters has something to say and they've just got to scream it really super dramatically. And we like it that way.

You're homeschooled.

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