Monday, August 29, 2011

Interping Death Scenes

I had a character who killed someone in an interp. I have also been killed. Then I played a dead body which was lifted up and put back down. Oddly enough, these did not happen in my DI. And we all know what the D stands for: Death. Or Depressing. Mostly Death. No, my DI from my first year only had one death. And I didn't even act it out. No wonder some judges didn't think it was that "dramatic." Real dramatic interpers are suckers for death scenes. Call me evil, but those are fun. How often do you get to have your neck snapped and live to tell the tale? Depends on how often you practice your speech.

Girls in particular are all over dying in interps. Girls are extremely dramatic, so DIs are a good fit. And here's the thing: we're all going to die, and we don't get to stick around and see how sad people are and how much they miss us when we're gone. But if we can get people crying when they see us die in a speech? Score.
We're just horrible, morbid people I suppose. What are you going to do about it? We like death. Dying. Dead things. That's why DI finals rooms are always wayy more crowded than HI rooms.
Hahahaha. Just kidding
You're homeschooled. Drama queen.

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  1. Ok, this made me laugh out loud. Which I haven't done at a blog post for a while. Thank you so much. =)