Monday, August 22, 2011

Cross-Ex Etiquette

"Good morning. What is your name again? I didn't catch it."
"Um, Chandler."
"How are you today, Chandler?"
"I'm good, thanks. What about you?"
"I'm doing fantastic. How do like this weather?"
"It's... it's nice."
"How has the tournament been going for you?"
"It's... it's good. Uh, and you?"
"It's great! What do you think of this year's resolution?"
"Um... what?"
Timer holds up 10 fingers
Panic mode "Ok, so about your plan. Willitsolveforalloftheproblemsineveryimaginableuniverseever?"
"Yes. Yes, it will."

Is this an extreme example? Yea. But our Cross-Ex etiquette can be a bit absurd. I mean, by the rebuttals, everyone has been asked and answered how they're doing twice. Why are we so polite? I don't know. But I think it's funny.

You're homeschooled. How are you doing today?

1 comment:

  1. I love this. It makes me so happy. =) Sometimes I do actually start to get nervous when the cross-ex-ers take along time "getting to know each other", so to speak. And I often wonder if it's in good taste to REALLY tell them how you're doing. I.e: "I'm reeeeaaaaally tired, but other than that, I'm ok." I think I would just say "great" or "fine" and be done with it. =)