Saturday, August 27, 2011

When Really Good Competitors Go Away

In my plural years of speech and not debate, I've learned a thing or two. One thing I learned is that no competitor can stay forever. It doesn't matter if you're a super super super super super duper senior. If you're doing a duo with your son, they kick you out. Everyone must leave eventually. Even the really good people. It's bittersweet:
First you may think:
1) YES HE'S GONE! My least favorite person who I respect and fear a lot for being a skilled debater is switching to the other kind of debate! Or that amazing IE guy is graduating! Maybe someone else can win "his event" now!
It could hit you like this:
2) Oh no. I didn't realize he was a senior last year. That's so sad. He's leaving. I'll never debate him again. And her... I'll never watch another speech of hers again. She's an amazing speaker. I'll miss her. :sadface:
It is sad when people leave. Move on. Graduate. Go away. Especially when they're you're friends. Or they're just awesome. And so many people are.
Then again...
THE SENIORS ARE GONE AND I'M IN THE UPPER CLASS NOW. YES. I'm not a novice anymore, or a junior higher, or a freshman, or anything I was before. This is a new realm of competition, people, and I am determined to be at the top.
You're homeschooled. As much I don't like you for being awesome, please don't go away.


  1. Good post, love your writing! Papa

  2. =) This is so true. I was really happy at first when Stephen Rho and Steven Bailey and Cody Cessna graduated, but then I was like, " . . . oh. How sad."