Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Controversial Speeches/Cases

It's a classic scenario. You have a wicked awesome idea for a speech: say, a persuasive. A particularly controversial persuasive. You plan out your three points. You're working on a thesis statement. You've almost got your opener down when you decide to run the idea by your parents. Bad idea. At least, that's what you think later. Because your parents squished that speech idea like someone might squish a spider in a piece of toilet paper. It's disgusting. There go all of your hopes and dreams. Squish.
It could happen with debate cases. All it takes is one judge, one judge who does not appreciate an edgy case. Hey, plans have to be debatable, right? Isn't that the point? But there goes that one. Squish.
We like doing controversial stuff. I am no exception. My first OI had the word "bloody" in the title. My second taught that money can buy happiness and/or love. My humorous "made fun of Christians," according to some judges. My DI didn't even have a death scene! Ok, my pieces haven't been too terribly controversial, but unique to be sure. Well, my duo kinda was. And a persuasive I wanted to do next year. It got squished.
You're homeschooled, and that's probably a controversy in and of itself.


  1. You're HI was making fun of Christians? That sounds awful. What were you thinking? :)

  2. Hey, I've ran both a "drug" case and an abortion CP/DA.

    Judge on the drug case: "You made the Negative team argue that drugs are ok, which made them sound like addicts." (Note: Naughty naughty Affirmative for doing your job is the basic translation)

    Judge on the abortion CP/DA: "I almost voted for this, because of it's real world impact, but forcing the Affirmative to take such a morally wrong stance is bad." (Aka, you took the moral high ground and won on it, and I think that's against the rules. Somewhere.)

  3. Oh, boy. I'm always afraid I'm going to say something in an impromptu that my judge will hate me for. =)

    . . . but yeah. I had a DI on how Anastasia supposedly came back to life. Which is a controversy. Kind of. =/