Friday, August 12, 2011

Your Dream Case

It was Nationals. This last one, I mean. Having watched about... nine LD rounds that tournament at this point, my mind was buzzing with thoughts of government legitimacy, popular sovereignty, and individual rights. I had an aff case written in my head. I couldn't help it. I knew exactly what I would've said, but I hadn't seen anyone saying it yet. Which was a bit frustrating. That is, until round 10. Let me back up a bit: round 9 I saw a very good debate where I thought the neg guy deserved to win even though I disagreed with everything he said. Round 10: I went with some friends to watch a round and the same guy who was neg the day before was aff now. He wasn't very far into the first speech when my eyes got wide and my jaw may/may not have dropped. Not only was he contradicting every word he had said in the last round, which was hilarious, he was also saying EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD'VE SAID. Finally! I have since described this guy's affirmative on several occasions as "my dream case, but better."

Yes, the debate nerd inside of me had a dream. A dream case, that is. A case that I would've loved to run, so I was absolutely thrilled to see someone else do it (but better) since I couldn't. Maybe this year I'll have a dream case that I actually will get to run. Somehow I doubt they'll let me do that. I tend to have crazy ideas. It's kind of fun envisioning that perfect case. Some of my "perfect cases" for Policy this year would be so extremely not Topical that I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fly. Like, cut funding to Obama's teleprompter. Heheh. My dream case for LD.... wait, promise you won't steal it? Ok. Thank you. My dream case for LD would involve the phrase, "My value is chocolate." I'm pretty sure personal freedom better upholds chocolate than economic security, but I can see how the latter gets the job done too. That's kind of a cool thing about LD, is that you get TWO cases to pour your heart and soul into. Or something. Waait a second, I could value chocolate in both of my cases!! Yes! Would they kick me out of the secret society if I did that? Hmm.

You're homeschooled. You have a dream.

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