Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The LD Secret Society

If you were not already aware of this, you did not hear about it from this blog. I did not tell you about the existence of the LD Secret Society. I am not allowed to. Why? Because it's SECRET.

What is this secret society? It's basically a gathering of Lincoln-Douglas kids who stand around and talk about smart people stuff. Competition vs. cooperation. Popular sovereignty vs. individual rights. Personal freedom vs. economic security. As you may have noticed, the discussions often resemble LD rounds, but there is much more beyond the resolutions. But I wouldn't understand it, because I don't do LD. Yet.

One time I saw five of our nation's top CHSAD LD'ers from this year and last in one circle and then I freaked out. I believe I referred to it as "the society in its holiest form," especially because of the alumnis. Sometimes I'm allowed partial membership into the LD Secret Society because I have LD buddies and I watch a lot of rounds. Also, I consider myself an LD'er at heart and some real LD'ers consider me that too. Plus I can sneak up to them and listen and they won't even notice me 'cause I'm short. (that might be the biggest reason) And I'm not a TP'er yet, so that counts for something. TP'ers are NOT allowed. However, I, despite my occasional admittance, did not even consider trying to sneak into the society in it's holiest form. I would be shunned FOREVER. Especially since they were taking strategy or something.

Do TP'ers have a secret society? I doubt it. Or maybe they do and they're just better at keeping it a secret than the LD'ers are! DUN DUN DUNNN.

You're homeschooled. Ssssshhhhhh...

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  1. Hannah the Goose (Goosey)June 22, 2011 at 7:41 PM

    Hahaha--this was sooo funny! It's so true . . . I really haven't talked to that many LD-er's. They seem to stick close! Maybe they get lonely because they don't have a partner to debate with so they feel like they have to have a really tight circle of friends. I don't know. I am comforted by the fact that I know you won't shun us when you become an LD-er. =)