Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Fear of Public Speaking

I went to camp this week. It was a really amazing experience. One of the best parts was that there were a ton of Christian Homeschooled Speech-and-Debaters at this camp. We had a blast Cross-Exing the speakers, LD-edifying the lectures, and even doing interps in free time. One of the funniest speech and debate moments came in a lecture on fear. The speaker asked, "What is the number one fear in America, even bigger than death?" Several of us looked at each other, smiled, and shouted "PUBLIC SPEAKING!!" at which point we began giggling uncontrollably. Why? Because we do public speaking on a regular basis, something most Americans would rather die than partake in, and we LOVE IT. Isn't that crazy? Yes.

I can almost sympathize with the majority of America on this one. I remember the first impromptu speech I ever saw. It was two years ago. I don't remember what he said in the speech, I just remember thinking "WHOA. He came up with that in two minutes, while I was watching?? How did he do that?" I then promised myself I would neverever compete in a limited prep event. I spent the next year trying to convince myself to face my fear. I then told a bunch of people that I was "doing impromptu next year" so that if I backed out they would peer pressure me into it. Often they asked, "Novice or regular?" to which I replied "NOVICE." Let's not be ridiculous, people.

So why do we like the fear of public speaking? Because to us, it isn't a fear at all. It's almost a lifestyle and it's super fun. Why wouldn't someone enjoy public speaking?

You're homeschooled, and you have a weird idea of fun.


  1. We totally do have a weird fear of fun! And it's fun!! =) I love public speaking . . .


  2. Yes. Yes, you do. :)