Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Practicing Interping Objects

One night, I spent a lot of time practicing opening a drawer. Well, not a real drawer. A pretend drawer. It was at a speech club meeting, and in one of my interps a character takes a ring in a box off a shelf but apparently it looked weird so my coach suggested a drawer. I stood facing a wall and practiced opening the drawer, taking out the box, closing the drawer, opening the box, and handing the ring to my invisible nephew overandoverandover again because I wanted to get it right. Well, of course a couple of people stared. Not for very long, because they're used to my antics, but it's kind of weird to see a girl repeatedly opening and closing an nonexistent drawer. Especially because I did it while I was walking at one point.

But seriously, all interpers practice certain interp movements, right? Obviously. I have a weird habit when it comes to this. I can't just let the imaginary objects vanish; I have to put them back. One time, I was practicing opening a canteen that wasn't there, and I set it on the ground when I was done. Another time I was pouring myself a glass of water and I had to put the cup back too. Is this as unusual as I think? Do you do this?

There are certain miming/interping movements that I would really like to do. I've never had a character talk on the phone and I think that's fun. I would also like to do a driving scene some time, because a lot of interpers "oversteer" and it looks off. Still, a big goal is to do an interp with me flossing. How fun would that be? I would look so ridiculous and it would be great! No, better idea: something involving a bow and arrow. Gasp. I could be Legolas from Lord of the Rings shooting down Orcs or something!! Yea! I could so see me doing that.

Blocking. Good stuff. You're homeschooled, and everyone thinks you're losing your mind when you practice interping. But you're not. Well, maybe a little.

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