Friday, June 10, 2011

Breaking When You Don't Expect To

Recently I recounted my realization that breaking is in fact a good thing, but there is so much more to the experience than that. One of the best kinds of breaking (besides finals) is when you don't expect to break, because if you do, it's extra awesome.

I remember at a tournament last year, they were announcing breaks and I had missed the event name, but for whatever reason I thought it was OO, and I didn't have an OO so I kind of zoned out. However, one of my speeches was a DI, but I didn't expect to break because I'd never done it at a competition before so I didn't know if it sucked or not. You can imagine my surprise when they called my name in what I thought was OO. My friend turned to congratulate me and I asked frantically, "What event was it?" He frowned. "DI, I think." Another friend congratulated me and I, now panicking slightly for no apparent reason, said, "Oh thanks, haha, yea. Do know what event that was?" It was DI. It was awesome.

It's a pretty cool feeling, breaking when you don't expect to. I highly recommend it. Perhaps the best thing about not expecting to break is that sometimes you don't, and you don't feel disappointed afterwards. It's more of an "Oh, well. I didn't expect to break anyway" feeling rather than solid frustration. And there's usually the optimistic promise of a next time. Next time I'll show them. Next time I'll break. Next time I'll be awesome.

You're homeschooled, and you're already awesome

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