Sunday, June 12, 2011


I heard a rumor that my club is particularly big on blocking, more so than other clubs.  Like we love it in interps and have lots of it and stuff. This is probably true. I know I like blocking. Lots of CHSADKs do. We can do some pretty fantastic things.

I like blocking that uses various imaginary objects. Best object-interps I've seen? Hmmm, let me think of a few... I love when kids smoke. I know that sounds horrible and evil of me but it's quite amusing... I actually had a character who smokes a big ol' cigar this year. That's fun. I once saw a girl who opened this huge trunk and put her whole body into it and you could see how heavy the lid was; it was brilliant. I saw a duo where two kids were riding in a mine cart and bouncing at the same time and did a really great job. Some friends of mine have a duo where they interp sitting at a table and later on a blanket. Very impressive the way they pull it off. I'll probably never get over the thrill and general awesomeness I felt when a young man I saw portraying a young bull interped picking a flower in his paw and sighing contentedly. I also love when a duo partner slaps or punches the other partner. That's always fun. One of my speeches last year involved me tripping over a dead body so that was interesting. Of course, the old man with the cane thing never gets old.

Something about good blocking can take an interp from good to great. Especially duos. Duo blocking is the best. And you know how we all feel about duos. By the way, pet peeve: blocking in platforms. I like to walk where I want, when I want. Do not attempt to block my non-interp speeches, thank you.

You're homeschooled. That is why you regularly use objects that do not exist.

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  1. This is so true! I love blocking, especially blocking done well. =) I didn't see the mine cart duo. WHo did that one?

    I love the ending: "You're homeschooled. That is why you regularly use objects that do not exist." =) That sounds so weird, and I love it. =D