Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking to Finals With A Bunch Of Awesome People

There's nothing more thrilling at a tournament than breaking to finals. Even if you don't think you'll win, you still get to compete one more time, and by this point, you know your competition is good. Well, great, usually. And plus, hello? You get a trophy. That confirms it: finals is the best.

Do you know who was in DI finals at the Riverside tournament last year? A bunch of famous interpers, that's who. Really good famous interpers. Here's the list: Annie Newman, Sarah Dasgupta, Daniel Sheahan, Giovanna Cabrera, Mary York, Patrick Ortiz, and Elena Trueba. Oh, and me. Yes, little Chandler, at her second tournament ever and first with a DI, somehow wound up in finals with a bunch of awesome people. It felt pretty unreal to hear my name called during breaks. I remember waiting in the wings at the award ceremony later and looking at my competition and being in awe, thinking, "What am I doing here?" It was ridiculous.

Naturally, all of them beat me. I guess the judges wondered what I was doing there too. But still, it was great just to be there, grinning from ear to ear in a group picture with a great group of talented individuals.

You're homeschooled, and you like breaking to finals, especially if a bunch of great people break with you, unless that means you lose and if you're really competitive you wouldn't like that, but then if you're really competitive you'd still like it somewhat 'cause you broke to finals... so yea.

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  1. Hannah the GooseMay 13, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    I so agree with you--I LOVE getting to finals!!!! It's so much fun to be up there with "famous interpers." =) You certainly know the minds of homeschoolers well, Chandler. =)