Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Siblings- Elena Trueba

(Elena is awesome and if you don't think so already, you will after reading this. And I officially need to meet Emma. Enjoy the newest guest post!)

…Not that we don't like older ones, too. (I just don't have any, so… I can't speak from experience!). But there is absolutely NOTHING like knowing that you have at least one completely devoted fan (and excellent critic) throughout the entire year of speech and debate. 

It starts in the summer. My little sister continually asks me about what I'm planning for speeches (admittedly, she's a little less interested in debate, but that certainly doesn't stop me from outlining cases for her, much to her chagrin). As soon as the pieces are ready to be seen, she's the first person I go to. We retreat to the garage, where she sits on a basketball she's named Fiona (you know what, don't even ask. Some things are just tradition), and she coaches and critiques everything I do. I'm convinced that my speeches always do better after Emma has had the chance to tear them apart.

Besides a fantastic coach, we also get quite the fan club in our little siblings. Emma will faithfully come watch my speeches during tournaments (although not my debates. Well, she comes… she just falls asleep. But hey, at least she's there.) She'll also bring an entire crowd of other little siblings with her. Which is absolutely wonderful, because really, what's more fun than entertaining little kids? 

I don't think we realize how much our little siblings love us. I mean, really, all that they put up with (at home and at tournaments!) is pretty incredible. Emma's always around at tournaments to hug me after an awesome round (or a terrible one), or to give me a reality check ("Elena. A sub-par extemp round is NOT the end of the world."), or to make me laugh after a stressful day of competition. Or just… whatever. (And, by the way, she's going to be my fantastically amazing duo partner next year. Be jealous.) 

You're homeschooled. Go hug your little siblings. :D

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  1. Carey VandewalleJuly 28, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Thanks, Elena! This post rings fantastically true. With 4 younger sister and a younger brother, I should know. :)