Friday, July 15, 2011

Reading Over Old Ballots

I have some favorite ballots that I enjoy reading from time to time. I have a huge stack of brightly colored pieces of paper in a shelf on my ever messy desk. The first three ballots are from a Round Robin at the beginning of the season that just ended. My favorite interper ever, now an alumni, judged me three times at that Round Robin and I treasure his ballots. He made me feel like he was as big a fan of me as I am of him, which is highly unlikely.

Of course, my favorite tournament ballots ever are from my short-lived Novice Impromptu career, and those I keep at the bottom of the pile, where the bright green papers are easy to find. They make me feel really happy. The lowest ranking I got that tournament was a 4th. All of the others are 1st or 2nd. And they have very basic criticisms, which is kind of amusing. Lots of people told me to smile more. But I'm smiling now as I read them, thinking, ah, those were the days, six months ago when I was just a baby in Novice Impromptu. How fast we grow up.

Reading old ballots can be fun, whether they make you smile because somewhere out there, you have a fan, or because you enjoy reminiscing on "the good ol' days." What are some of your favorite ballots?

You're homeschooled, and sentimental.

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