Sunday, July 24, 2011


Wherefore doth our affections lie? By my troth, with William Shakespeare, be thou assuredeth. Truly, coz, Shakespeare beith the greatesteth playwriteth evereth.

If you understood that, I commend you. Because that wasn't even real Shakespeare. It was just weird. :awkward cough: Anyway, Shakespeare. We like that guy. He's really good at writing duos and the occasional HI. But beyond just interps, lots of us SCHSADK's do real Shakespeare plays. (Note for the interpers: real plays last more than 10 minutes. Try to wrap your minds around that. But don't hurt yourselves.) And also we go to Shakespeare camps. And read the plays. And take classes about Shakespeare. It's just a homeschooler thing, I guess. And that's cool. I like that guy too.

As a whole, our favorite Shakespeare play is Much Ado About Nothing. I know this because a) it's my favorite and I write the blog. Suckers. b) I have seen it performed three times in the last two years as both a duo and some HIs, but I haven't even been around that long. I'm sure I missed some performances.

Hast thou noticed this fascination with the Bard? Doth thou also love Shakespeare?

You're homeschooled. You do. Eth.

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