Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Being a Sibling at a Tournament- Regan Lasch

(This is SCHSADKL's first ever guest post written by my very own sister, Regan Lasch! Enjoy!)

Being the sibling of a competitor at a competition is quite an interesting experience. At my first competition I went to, I was determined to stay right by my sister and watch all of her speeches, because I didn't feel like getting lost on the campus by myself. Plus, I really knew nothing about speech. But then I realized that I couldn't watch all of the speeches she had told me were amazing if I stayed with her the whole time. Ok, ok, so she kind of gave me a long list of speeches I NEEDED to see and wouldn't let me follow her around... But anyway, I had just found out what "pattern", "round", and "apologetics" meant and now I was off by myself on a campus I knew nothing about with a bunch of kids in suits that I didn't know. That competition, I stayed in the buildings really close to where I knew my sister would be, but I really enjoyed watching speeches.

I have still only been to three competitions, but I now love running off and watching whatever speeches I choose (or Chandler chooses for me). Also, her speech friends have been very kind and inclusive to me. And it is great to watch your sister win medals and trophies and other cool stuff onstage. You're homeschooled and your siblings love tournaments.


  1. Thanks for posting, Regan! You aren't going to be on the sidelines soon, it I can help it . . . =)