Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Checking Out A Billion Books At The Library Because One Of Them Might Make A Good Interp

I click on the link to my library's website. I type in my 13-digit library card number and 4-digit PIN from memory. I click "My Account." I click "Renew materials/manage holds." And there it is: the list of the five books all containing numerous potential interps. Novels, award winners, collections of plays, scripts, skits, short stories: books. All waiting for my ready fingers to pick them up off the shelf and lovingly stroke their worn, plastic-covered spines and place them in a pile in my room next to the other five I already have and where the five I've heartlessly rejected and returned used to be. I can't wait to go get them. Because one of those books could hold my next interp. <3

As I've mentioned, finding speeches is a great feeling. Checking out a ton of books from my library to see if one of them could make an interp is one of my methods. Does it work? Eh, not very well so far. As of right now, all of my interps have been on books I had already read or owned or was somewhat familiar with. But I'm determined. That library holds a vast wealth of knowledge exceeding my own. It holds the perfect interp for me, waiting to be checked out. Someday, I will find it. And all of those late fees will be worth it.

You're homeschooled, and a book worm.

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