Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If you ever feel unwanted, unloved, unimportant, unadorable, or un-anything, come to some sort of gathering of homeschoolers. A tournament, a club meeting, a dance, it doesn't matter. You will get so many hugs, it's ridiculous. You will feel wanted. You will feel loved. You will feel important. You will even feel adorable. At least I do when my friends all hug me one after another at club so it's like at least thirty seconds of hugging the kids I haven't seen in a whole week. And then when I leave, they want more hugs. Sometimes I pretend to be a jerk and go super reluctantly, moaning and dragging my feet, but it's just an act. (You know how interpers are. Can't trust 'em) I do love it. I cannot express how great this is. (Of course, we've already discussed which is the best hug ever. Don't think I forgot about that.)

Now, I used to be one of those really awkward people who never knew if I was supposed to hug someone or not. Those days are pretty much over, friends. After being embarrassed so many times after someone tried to hug me and I didn't realize it, I now go for the hug approximately 90% of the time, with girls anyway. This is usually the best decision. I'm often not left embarrassed and if anyone is, it's the lame-o who didn't want to hug me... I'm kidding.

I am, however, more cautious when it comes to hugging guys. I don't have any real objections to hugging guys, I just don't hug them unless they seem they're going to hug me first so as to continue avoiding awkwardness. Consequently, I don't hug guys very often. And apparently when I do, it's a big deal. At speech on Monday, I hugged a guy before leaving (because he started it, of course) and my sister freaked out afterward and said, "Mom missed your hug with [insert name here] but I saw it." Yippee. So yea. Moral of the story is give more hugs. Or less. I'm not really sure which.

You're homeschooled, and you could use a hug.


  1. My favorite part is bending down to hug you.

  2. Haha, you totally don't know me [But I'm a friend of Brenna's] And I am just going to say, your whole blog makes me. laugh. Hahaha.

    The "confessions of a non-debater..." Bahaha. I wonder some of that stuff and I AM a debater. hehe. And this post pretty much describes my view on hugs too. Go for it! The world needs more hugs! hahah.

  3. Hannah the GooseMay 24, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    I LOVE how homeschoolers hug everyone, even those they don't know very well. You guys are awesome. *hug* =D

  4. We poor guys don't get as many hugs... We get a few, but not as many.