Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ditching School and Going To Disneyland

The School of Disney
I realize that some of you reading this may not live near Disneyland, and to you I extend my deepest sympathy. I'm sorry. Now, those of you who have had an actual conversation with me for more than five minutes (or seen me give an impromptu :D) are probably aware that I am a huge Disney freak. Therefore, I believe that one of the best things about being a SoCal homeschooler with a Disney pass is that you can occasionally ditch school and go to Disneyland. Walt would be so proud.

I don't do this as much as I would like. Well, I guess I would like to ditch school for DLR (Disneyland Resort. Excuse my nerd terminology) pretty much every day. So I guess I don't ditch for DLR as often as I used to, or would be expected to, or could conceivably do, or something. It's because I now have several real classes with real teachers and real deadlines and it's kind of a bummer. Ok, major bummer. These teachers would not understand the educational value of a trip to Disneyland, apparently. However, my mom did let me ditch a science and a math class to go to DLR on my birthday this year. Everyone has the right to take their birthday off school. Every self-respecting homeschooler born between September and June knows this. Anyway, my birthday field trip to Disneyland with some of my speechanddebater friends was awesome. Then the other day, I rushed to finish school and met up with some of those very same people and more at Disneyland again, and that was awesome too.

You're homeschooled, and who needs a high school diploma when you've got a Disneyland pass?


  1. Carey VandewalleMay 17, 2011 at 8:41 PM

    We're ditching school to go on my birthday next year, okay? :)

  2. Hannah the GooseMay 24, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    Ooooh! I wish I knew how this worked, because my birthday's on June 23. I have never experienced this. Maybe I'll do it in my unbirthday sometime and call it a field trip.

    "It's educational."