Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There's something to be said for the nice medals you get when you break to quarters and semifinals, but when you see them next to the trophies on a giant table at the awards ceremony: there's no comparison. Besides, sometimes the medals are kind of weird. I have one with two guys wrestling and I think they're both wearing pants, but I'm not positive. I'm sure it has some sort of really significant symbolism regarding Ancient Greece or something and I'm just an awful person for doubting it. Sorry. Anyway, everybody loves the trophies. Kids even walk over to the table just to stare at them. I love the exhilarating feeling you get if you broke to finals and you can gaze at the coveted golden trophies and think, "One of those is mine! I hope it's the big one!" With trophies, the bigger the better. By the way, I think my favorites are the Apologetics trophies with the crosses on them. Those are so cool. Now, lots of experienced people will tell you that competition is not about the trophies and medals and where you place, it's about what you're learning. (Many who say that are from Big Name families that have boxes and boxes of trophies in the garage and more on top of the piano and more in the kids' rooms. Huh. Interesting.) Yea, yea, that's true. But trophies are a pretty sweet added bonus. I have two. I display them proudly on my bookshelf. My goal was to get a trophy at every competition this year... that did not happen, BUT it's a good goal nonetheless. I hope to collect more before the season is over. And, before my speech and debate career is over, I hope to collect one taller than me. Yes folks, believe it or not, they do make trophies that are five feet tall. Whether or not you can win them at STOA tournaments, I have no idea. Still, it's a good goal.

Fess up. You're homeschooled, and you like trophies.

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  1. Dude. The cross ones are MY FAVORITE, TOO. I have one, actually. But it's not taller than me. Or taller than you, shockingly.