Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Julian Smith

Maybe it's because he was homeschooled. I don't know, but maybe us homeschoolers have to stick together. That sounds about right. But more likely, we all like Julian Smith because he's hilarious. The first Julian Smith video I watched was Waffles when a fellow homeschooled speechanddebater posted it online. I remember thinking, what is this? This is weird. Is there something wrong with that guy? Well, turns out there's nothing wrong with Julian (except that he was homeschooled) and after watching a few other videos I finally began to appreciate the ingenious character that is Jeffery and the utter brilliance of Julian's films. I am not alone in this. Mention Julian Smith at a tournament and the kids will probably faint from pure excitement. Mention Jellyfish and they'll break out in song. Shout a random quote like "OH HUNNY. SHOW THEM THAT THING YOU DO." and they'll die of laughter... probably. You may notice that it's not just the really popular videos we love, but all of them. WE LOVE YOU, JULIAN SMITH. (especially the interpers who want to be just like him) Why is this? Maybe it's his inspiring life lessons, like how to get rid of people who are bothering you (Trees Hate You) or how to not be selfish (Waffles). Maybe it's his lyrics that we can all relate to. ("If you had a girlfriend, which we all know you don't, she would probably leave you and then you definitely won't")

Regardless, one thing's for sure: you're homschooled, and I MADE THIS FOR YOU!!


  1. I was hoping the whole time I was reading it that you would end it with: "I MADE THIS FOR YOU"

    But no. *is disappointed* :'(

    jk :P

  2. Would you like me to edit it and put in all caps? ;)

  3. I would LOVE for you to edit it :P

  4. I have never watched a Julian Smith video.....but now I definitely have to!

  5. I love Julian Smith!! I just recently looked him up for the first time after NITOC when probably seven different people told me and said, "You HAVE to look up Julian Smith!!!!" So now I have. And I'm addicted. I have joined the band, and now I have a conversation starter for next year. =)

    I'm reading a blog, girl, I'm reading a blog--don't you ever interrupt me while I'm reading a blog. =)