Friday, April 8, 2011

Nametag Decor

So it started with the Scarlet Dot, I think they're calling it. At least, this was one of the first instances of nametag decor I'd heard of. I only heard about it because lots of people in my club without dots were mad at other people who had dots, calling them traitors, and the people who had dots were mad at the people who were mad at them. It caused quite a commotion. But, things worked out when we acquired our own form of nametag decoration: The Veritas Blue Star of Awesomeness. Oh yes. Be jealous. In my day, I have had several blue stars of awesomeness adorning the paper name-plate around my neck. I have also had a Pair of Dimes. Get it? Like Paradigm? Very clever. Fortunately, I don't think anyone in my club was too mad about that one. And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Touché have a turtle? That's pretty cool. I like turtles. Are there any others?
One last question: Did you guys do the nametag decor thing last year too? I believe I remember seeing some turtles or something prior to this season. Were there more? I guess I was too busy to notice. Too busy trying to remember which was "expos" and which was "extemp," figuring out what "LD" stood for, trying to figure out why the heck anyone would want to do impromptu... Now that I've got those down, I am free to study your various nametag decorations.
Ok, I lied. One more randomish question: shouldn't interpers have a nametag for each of their characters multiple personalities? That would be cool.
You're homeschooled. And your nametag could use some more stickers.


  1. I guess it's kind of weird that this year, I have acquired three Scarlet dots, but no Veritas stars...