Monday, August 8, 2011

Chuck Norris- Felicity Lorenz

(If you loved her last post as much as I did, then I'm sure you're super excited to read Felicity's latest guest post. Enjoy!)

I don’t really understand this obsession. Yet, I feel like a Chuck Norris joke has to be dropped in every speech/debate conversation. Sometimes, the joke is not even funny. Still, everyone’s hollering up a storm, like that was funnier than how Osama Bin Laden totally harshed on Kate Middleton’s wedding hype (which, by the way, was pretty funny). No matter what type of speaker or debater you are, all life’s problems are solved by Chuck Norris’ awesomeness:
Chuck Norris won 1st place Expos, by only showing his fist.
Only Chuck Norris can win all his affirmative debates, by negating the resolution.
Chuck Norris doesn’t need Impromptu examples – he is the example.
Chuck Norris says: “Today, my value will be Pain. My criterion will be your face.”
Chuck Norris’ OI had one character – himself.
My rights end where Chuck Norris’ fist begins. 
Chuck Norris doesn’t need to be persuasive; he just inflicts fear.
You’re homeschooled, and you like Chuck Norris. Pachow!
(Chuck Norris jokes © Felicity Lorenz)

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