Saturday, August 20, 2011

Having Your Name Correctly Pronounced at a Tournament- Thea Dunlevie

(Here's another fantasic guest post from Thea Dunlevie! Be sure to check out her blog: Totally Thea.)

Maybe this is just the result of having a confusing name, but I really do not have one name.  It changes so often, it can be anywhere from Tabitha to Tea.  Yes, like the drink.  I have tried everything, from slightly changing the pronunciation of my name to putting the phonetic pronunciation next to my name.  Anyhow, getting your name pronounced correctly is a blessing.  In fact, I remember actually praying for it once.  And God answered my prayer.

It all started on a cold, windy oh-my-gosh-it’s-the-first-day-of-a-tournament morning.  I leaped out of bed, quickly rousing all the family members, who are not as crazy as I and don’t enjoy waking up at 6AM.  We hurried out the door.  I arrived at the tournament, winged some impromptus, gave an OI, almost passed out ... you know, the usual.  Finally, the tournament ended and the awards ceremony was about to begin.  I was talking with some fellow club members and said, “How much do you want to bet they won’t pronounce my name right?”  Everyone laughed. Thea actually being pronounced Thea?  What has our society come to?  I actually prayed.  I thought why not.  We had our little chuckle and then the ceremony began.  I usually do not even listen to my name being called, I just look on the screen if I can.  This time was different.  I heard the sound tay-uh.  It was a similar feeling to “I JUST WON THE LOTTERY, BABY!”  I also was kind of weirded out because I figured this man must be psych or something.  I heard him talking to some of the other people in line and he was asking, “Are you Thea?  Are you Thea?”  Finally, he got to me and I proudly replied that I was Thea.  

“Oh, you’re Thea Dunlevie!  Your mom came up to me and requested that I pronounce your name this way.  Is it correct?”
The shocked me finally closed my mouth and managed to get the words out, “Yes, why yes it is!”  That man just got placed on a pedastol above all others in my mind.  He pronounced my name right!  

Lots of things happen at award ceremonies, people get awards (gasp), go up on stage, get their names messed up, but none of it is in vain.  I love award ceremonies.  What I love more than those is having two idenities.  Tay-uh Duhn-leh-vee is my evil twin.  So fear not all you people with complex names, you are not alone.  I am sure your twin is always getting confused with you, too.  You have a unique name and appreciate the correct pronunciation of it.

You’re homeschooled, and you have an evil twin.


  1. This is funny. =)

    Konrad Hack always pauses before he says my last name, so if it's an event Hannah Smith is in, I never know if it's me or her. =)

  2. I did juniors a few years ago, when I was nine (ah, juniors) and I got first place in interp. But when they called my name they said, 'Joney Hadley.' instead of 'Hadley Jones.' I was like, 'is that me?' Apparently it was, or else I have some poor girl's 1st place ribbon lost underneath the depths of me bed...