Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Displaying Trophies and Medals In A Rather Impressive Manner

I don't know about you people, but this is what my bedroom looks like after a few years of speech & debate:

Ok, not really. I stole this from some strategy lab website that's apparently a lot better at strategizing than I am at speeching. WHATEVER. Stop laughing at me.

Anyway. Though I may not have quite this many trophies to display, I do make it a point to organize my awards as best I can. Sort of. In reality, I put them all on a bookshelf in the back of my room where people typically don't even see them, but I arranged them according to height so they can all be seen and hung the medals on a hanger-thing in the order I received them. I definitely put thought into it. But that's just one way to do it. There are multiple ways to display various awards that I've seen employed or would really like to:

1. On The Fireplace Mantel
This is only for parents who really love their kids and are very, very proud and want all the world to know it to the point where all the world is a little annoyed. No, my parents did not let me put my trophies on the fireplace mantel. There are no medals hanging around my living room. And I'm pretty ok with that. But clearly, if they really wanted everyone who stops by for dinner or to try and sell something to know how wonderful I was, they'd put the trophies someplace visible like right over the fireplace.

2. All Over Your Bedroom
This is pretty fun, especially if you've been around long enough to collect a good deal of medals. Just hang them everywhere! It'll look great! Doorknobs, dresser drawers, closet doors, shelves, cabinets, you name it. You can't go wrong with a bedroom that screams "Winner!"

3. On A Mannequin
Just because a mannequin wearing lots of medals would look cool.

4. In A Vending Machine or Phone Booth
Just because both of these would be awesome in someone's house.

5. On The Piano
All homeschoolers play the piano, so why not show off your speech and debate accomplishments while you amaze us all with your mad music skills? My friend put a bunch of trophies on her piano, which looked pretty awesome. She has lots of siblings who did really well in speech and debate too, so their house has a lot of awards. They also put some on a dresser or something upstairs that was clearly visible in an open window and apparently, in boxes in the garage.

6. In A Dresser Or Something Upstairs That Is Clearly Visible In An Open Window
To make all of your neighbors and clubmates jealous.

7. In Boxes in the Garage
Though this is only fun if you have so many that they won't fit comfortably in the house. I assume.

8. On Top Of The Bookshelf So You Have To Be Careful When You Open and Shut It Or Everything Will Shake A Lot and Maybe Fall Down As You Discover Every Time You Slam The Door
Which I have, of course, never, ever done.

Those are my ideas. What's your strategy? The important thing is that you do something with the stash of awards you're bound to end up with. They give those things away for everything. But that doesn't mean they aren't special. Trophies and medals are excellent representatives of the hard work and lots of time we put into practicing. They're good reminders of the game we live and love. Medals, trophies, rocks, and even certificates of participation make for excellent incentives to keep on speaking, debating, timing, or whatever it is they're giving awards for these days.

You're homeschooled. Impressive.

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  1. Hannah SocolofskyJune 13, 2012 at 3:25 PM

    I just finished re-organizing my trophies and medals for the bajillionth time. =P I don't know why, but it makes me happy getting them out and counting them and saying "LOOK HANNAH YOU ACTUALLY DID GOOD AT SUMTING". =P And . . . no, I'm not prideful. Why do you ask?

    I do like organizing them, though. This post described me exactly.

    And I seriously want a vending machine/phone booth with tropes in it. =D