Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying to Tournaments

YOU GUYS. I'm on an airplane right now.

(Granted, I'll probably post this on Monday, when I will have gotten off the plane. But that's a sad thought.)

NO BUT SERIOUSLY. I'm literally in the sky right now, on my way to NITOC. How cool is that? Those who know me are probably aware of my deep affinity for airplanes, matched only by my thrill at the prospect of being at a tournament in a matter of days.

Also, my sister keeps glancing at the screen upon which these words are materializing, and usually when she does that I leave ridiculous messages for her, so I'll have to be sure to delete all of those.

This is pretty exciting, everyone. We're officially on our way. The Expos stuff was dropped off with a family who is driving to Colorado in a large car, the suits are in a bag in the overhead compartment, and HI REGANNNNNNNNNNN :D LOL WE'RE GOING TO COLORADO HAHAHAHAHAHAH the script submission is in my carry-on bag next to my toes, because I'm too paranoid about losing that thing to check it. I'm ready. Granted, I fully intent to practice my speeches a gazillion times at the hotel, but besides that, I'm ready.

Having never been to an out-of-state tournament, I'm not really sure how different this one will be. I don't really know anyone outside of California. Will I meet a ton of new people? What will the judge pool be like? Will they have completely different ways of doing things, like shaking the judge's hands before speaking instead of after, or self-timing IEs? Probably not, but still, if they did, I would be the last to know.

You know how it's generally really hard to get up really, really early, but if you know it's for a good reason, you have no trouble getting out of bed? That was me at 4:15 today. I'm excited, people. I get to see a bunch of cool people on Tuesday, and speak at people, and watch other people race tricycles (@NCFCA- I'm serious. I don't know what they were thinking, but it's bound to be entertaining.) and REGAN STOP WATCHING hopefully acquire some sort of memorabilia. Well, a T-Shirt is guaranteed. Hopefully maps will be included as well. And I was also excited because I knew I was going on a plane. So far, I'm really enjoying this flying to a competition thing. All tournament transportation should be done in this manner.

So, Colorado. This is like a whole new state for us to rock, new territory to conquer, and new people to wow. We're going to have so much fun.

You're homeschooled. Prepare for take-off.

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