Monday, July 9, 2012

Lunch- Katherine Kwong

(Katherine's back with another awesome Guest Post, with something we can totally all relate to. Enjoy!)

On the campaign field of Concordia University Irvine, you take a welcome respite from your last fight er… TP round. All fighting (speaking) stops for the one welcome respite: Lunch.  Whether it is a PB & J sandwich thrown together at 5am in the morning or a Trader Joe’s Salad, we can all agree that lunch is paramount, a nice break and a great way to talk to people.
As a debater would say, Lunch is paramount. After debating and speaking since 7 am, the food you talk about in your interp or impromptu (if you happen to use those kinds of examples) is starting to sound really good. You finish your after round chit chat and then prowl around the judges lounge to liberate your lunch from the car. Or you arrive at the club table to see a neat package of food * cue heavenly music ahhhhhh!* Our moms are awesome. They provide the food we need to keep our voice boxes working and our jaws flapping. Lunch is paramount!

As much as we all like speaking and debating, it is nice to have a little break in between rounds. If you don’t feel that way, go starve yourself (just kidding). Grab a Subway footlong, your headphones and some tunes then the club pop-up tent becomes a melodious cabana. Or grab your TP partner or your LD buds and break out the flow sheets and chili! That is why I love speech and debate, even the food makes a tournament a tournament (even when the food is not so good).
Finally, there is nothing like sitting down with your clubmates and friends and saying, “Hey how did your round go? How was your extemp? Man, those impromptu prompts were way out," or even, “I messed up so bad in the duo, but I don’t think the judges noticed,” and intermittently getting, “Mfffm, errrr if waf good! Mhhhmmmmmmm, gasp….choke Hmmmmf hahahaha,” for an answer because you caught your friend with a mouthful of food for the tenth time. Ahhh, lunch: the welcome respite amidst crazy speeching and debating!
You’re homeschooled, enjoy your lunch!

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