Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Start of the Debate Season

I used to think that the debate season started with the first club meeting. Nope. Then I thought it started maybe with camp. Guess again. For some people, it starts even earlier in the summer. Like, weeks ago from right now, and it's July right now. Then again, for some of us, it started today or recently or soon. And for others, it hasn't started yet, and won't start 'til September.

But different people are different. Obviously. Now I'm sounding repetitive, like I'm saying the same thing over and over again that I've already said before. Moving on. What sorts of people are there, you may ask, and when does their debate season begin? Good question. There are several:

1. Way Ahead of The Game
You know that moment when someone tall, in charge, and official announces the resolutions for the following year? For me, and for a lot of us CA Stoa people, it was it this tournament called Concordia, aptly named due to the fact that the college where it was held was also called that. Anyway, there were a bunch of people all sitting on these steps when they called out, "Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its foreign military presence and/or foreign military commitments." and also, "Resolved: Privacy is Undervalued." (and the Wildcards. Storytelling ftw!) And you know that somewhere out there were some nerds who were already writing cases and had them nearly completed milliseconds after this announcement was made. Of course, they could have finished long before, because those two resolutions and four others were listed as being the options. So why not get an early start? I mean, a really, really early start. People do that. Probably.

2. On Top of Things
Ok, maybe finishing your cases before the previous season ends is a little out there. But as soon as Nationals is over, then you can think about. Or maybe you put it off a little. Like, July. I mean, TP involves a lot of researching and brainstorming and stuff. And LD cases require tons of thinking too, and plus you have to write two of them. But by July 2, there must have been people out there who already had cases written up. They are that on top of things. Some people are scary dedicated, and even though you have to pity their lack of social life, it's still pretty admirable.

3. Thinking About Thinking About It
Here's the thing: Maybe you don't know a lot about military policies. Or maybe you haven't thought about privacy and its value much before. So, you know you should really learn about those things before the year starts but... you don't even know where to start. You're thinking about thinking about it. Maybe you have a couple of nearly-formed ideas, but that's about it. And, it's early. You've got time. Like, in my case (and by case I mean "situation"), I still have several days before I have to write cases (and by cases I mean "pieces of paper consisting of contentions that affirm or negate the resolution") for this camp I'm going to. Plenty of time.

4. Actually Has A Life
Why start early? I mean, seriously. For most of us, competition season starts in January. That's forever away. Plus, some people would rather spend their summers outside, swimming, surfing, not-working on school, perhaps working at real jobs, being with actual friends because they have them... That's cool too. I'm not one of those people, but you know. Cool.

5. The Novice
This is the person who has no idea what she is getting into. It has not occurred to her that people actually start researching and writing in the summer. Or cutting interps. Because she does not even know what one would look for while writing, researching, or cutting. And I have definitely been this person at least twice. We all have.

Now I'm feeling guilty that I'm writing this post instead of writing cases or surfing. Thanks, guys.

You're homeschooled. Let's get it started.

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