Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doing Fake Accents

Fact: 912.5% of interps contain accents. Fact: 912% of these interps contain British accents. Fact: I made up all of the statistics I've ever told you.

But still. That doesn't change the fact that interpers like accents, especially British ones. That's not all we do, though. Last year, I had one speech that had 2 New York accents, an Australian, a Scottish, a homeschooler, an African-American basketball player, a southern farmer dude, and a French spy. And some other characters. In one speech. To my knowledge, no one else is as crazy as I am in the accent-area. But hey. We like accents.


Because they're cool.

And, because the judges like them too. It is my non-professional opinion that a person's speech will be better-received by any given judge if they have at least one accent. It does not necessarily have to be a good accent, though that does help.

Now, you're probably not wondering, why are British accents so popular? Well, I'm glad you asked. See, if all of the other interpers are anything like me, which they sometimes are, they learned all of their accents from movies. So between Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Jane Austen films, Pirates of the Caribbean, and even some other Disney movies, we learned how to do a British accent or two. Not to mention the fact that America obviously used to a part of the British Empire, so the ability to do a British accent must just be in our blood.

There is a second accent common among the CHSADK Interper crowd. I call it the "ItMightBeRussianButIThinkIt'sSupposedToBeGermanOrMaybeARomanian-French" accent. This is basically found in any DI or Duo that involves horrible things happening to people who live far away from us. So far away, in fact, that we apparently don't know how they would actually sound. But from a judges' perspective, it's an accent. So they like it. I don't understand it, but there ya go.

Accents are fun. Play around with them. Even if you don't interp, I've heard tell of people who have done entire rounds in Indian accents. I wasn't around that year, though I think I can guess which resolution it was. 

You're homeschooled. Cheerio.

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