Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Setting Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Goals for Tournaments

We're ambitious. We're competitive and adventurous. We're also ridiculous. We like setting goals. The goals of a CHSADK need not be particularly reasonable, or even all that original. There are the obvious goals we'd all like to achieve, such as, of course, taking first place in all of your IEs and debate and therefore sweepstakes at every tournament you attend for the rest of your life. Who hasn't wanted that?

Or maybe you prefer to start small. Smaller, I mean. Sure, you know you won't win all of your events every time. But you could win some of them. Like, wouldn't it be cool to be one of those legendary interpers who wins DI and HI at the same tournament? Winning any event is a good goal, so two must be twice as good. Especially those two, because they seem so different, though they might not be as contrasting as we may think. Ok, so maybe you're not an interper. But how would you like to go undefeated for a tournament or two? How cool would a record ending in "0" look next to your name? That's a good goal.

Or maybe you start a bit smaller than those. Win one event. A novice event. That no one will remember later except you but you'll have the trophy to prove it and an extra 10 pounds of confidence. That is an excellent goal.

Or maybe you start even smaller. Qualify in an event. Break in an event. Get a shiny medal to hang in your room. Make your timer laugh. Don't pass out right before the 1AR. Or after. Survive multiple rounds in one day. Make a new friend. High-five somebody you didn't know. Achieve as many nametag decorations as there are clubs giving them out. Ridiculous goals? No, probably not. Awesome? For sure.

My own goal is to be one of those people who is famous in speech and/or debate but doesn't know it so she's still friends with everyone and super nice. Of course, I'll never be able to determine if I arrive there or not. So one of you ought to point it out to me when you think I've achieved it, and then if I don't stubbornly deny it, yell and scream at me or something.

Whatever your goal, whether it's ridiculous, awesome, or both, I hope you get there, and have oodles and oodles of fun on the way.

You're homeschooled. Eyes on the prize.

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