Friday, October 14, 2011

Old Resolutions

I hear you talk about environmental year. Sometimes India year. If you're old: illegal immigration year. If you're ancient: NATO year. And that's as far back as I hear talk of. Since I wasn't in debate for any of those years, I have no idea what you're talking about. Much to my chagrin, debaters are fond of reminiscing. Now that that year is over and long gone, they can laugh about all those stressful rounds and late-night research that they once tried to forget.

Someday in the future, we'll all be laughing and saying, "Dude, remember Scandinavia year? That one case with the astronauts and the peanut butter? I can't believe we ran that case, but we won with it so many times, it was awesome!" and all the novices will be like, what? That's ok, though. Novices are going to get confused whether or not you try to confuse them. We've all been there.

Yes, someday the very resolutions that we used to or currently hate/dislike/abhor/whatever will be history and we can just stand back and shake our heads and smile because inside we're absolutely sick of revenue generation, personal freedom, foreign policy, government legitimacy and all that other stuff. It's cool though, because we won't have to deal with it. That will be nice. We'll have much bigger worries. Awesome.

Resolved: that you are homeschooled and you like reminiscing.


  1. This is all I can say to this post:


  2. I remember Immigration year...
    And I'm a novice...