Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crying in Speeches & When The Judges Cry In Yours

I've watched a pretty good amount of DIs. Back when I used to have one, I would usually watch the entire room. I've also seen several at club meetings and others here and there in competition. Basically, it's a lot of DIs. Do you know how many I have not cried in? Around three. I cry a lot in DIs. And duos. And sometimes OIs. And HIs, but usually out of laughter. But people, I am not the only one.

Interpers are kind of weird, obviously. The good ones pour their hearts and souls into their speeches. The great ones get other people do to the same. Like the judges. Bonus points. I'm one of those interpers who gets very wrapped up in an amazing, good, or even halfway-decent speech, hence the tears. I'm easy. But the judges? No, sir. They are not easy. They are, in fact, hard. Get a judge to cry and you are nearly guaranteed to avoid that ominous Fifth & Below. Of course, you aren't literally guaranteed, because judges are just as weird as interpers. We love our judges, but still. It's true.

Are you the type to cry in speeches? My friends, who are used to my antics, just kind of shake their heads and pat mine when I tear up in the duo I've seen four times already, so I'm probably a bit of an odd case. But other people cry in speeches too, right? Right? C'mon, help me out here.

You're homeschooled. Have a tissue.


  1. I've cried in several speeches. You're not alone. *sniff* Thank you.

  2. I've cried at...*counts* 2 speeches.

    I'm heartless. Unless you see me watching movies. Then I acting cry. Always. <3

  3. I cry so much in speeches. And when I cry . . . I REALLY cry. Like, out-and-out sobbing.

    I love it when a speech makes me cry. <3

    No one ever cried in my DI last year. Or if they did, it was . . . not very much. Which was kinda sad. But oh well.