Monday, October 24, 2011

When People Go Along With Your Crazy Ideas

Christian homeschooled speech and debate kids like a lot of crazy things. Like interps. Those are crazy. And debate rounds. Why would anybody argue for fun while other people are watching? It's weird. And limited-prep? You'd have to be insane. And the way speech and debate takes over your entire life? That's kind of crazy.

But you know what else is crazy: when you have a crazy idea and other people go along with it. Like a really wacky speech idea. You think it's brilliant, but you suspect no one else will. Then they do. It happens. It's wonderful. Or it could happen with a debate case that seems crazy, but it works.

Or it could happen with an obscure blog called Stuff Christian Homeschooled Speech and Debate Kids Like. Someone might, hypothetically speaking, write said blog wondering if anyone will like or even read it. Then it becomes official and that someone starts posting nearish to every-other-day during the school year and frequently in the summer as well. Then she might notice one day that she's coming up on 100 blog posts, and that her blog is being read by more than one person a day (a lot more than one), by grown-ups and kids, people she didn't mention the blog to, people she doesn't even know, people looking up Julian Smith to see if he is a Christian or was homeschooled, and even by people from places like Malaysia who probably found it by accident and don't understand any of it.

A blog like this is a crazy idea, but this is the 100th post. People are still reading. More and more people. In fact, as of earlier today, the blog has already received more views this month than any other month. That's exciting in a blogger-nerd-obsessed-with-stats kind of way.

You're homeschooled. Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Hannah SocolofskyApril 19, 2012 at 6:14 PM


    I love you. <3