Saturday, October 29, 2011

[Oh, thaat's why I've been getting so many views...]

This spiffy little chart shows how many views this blog has been getting in the last 7 days. The astute observer may notice a series of rather unusual spikes, one in particular, on the 27th of October. Why is that there? Why did I get more views on October 27th than any other day since I've started the blog? I've been wondering that for two days. 

Then I noticed something else. My video on YouTube of my Humorous Interp on a book titled Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff started getting lots of views right around that same time:
See? Weirdness. The A, B, C, and D refer to things like "First referral from" and "First embedded on Google Reader," and I thought, what??

I clicked some more buttons and found and followed one of the links that had been directing people to this video and later to this blog.

It was this link, from the official Stuff Christians Like blog upon which this one is based.
This post was posted on October 27th.

This isn't a normal SCHSADKL, but I thought you all should know. See you tomorrow. :)

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