Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tournament Nightmares

I have weird dreams. I had a dream once that I had put myself on a waiting list to do LD at a tournament just for fun. Twenty-minutes before the round started, I found out I was competing. I sat down to write an aff case, but then I drove somewhere and the car caught on fire so I couldn't go back and debate. I had a dream once that I could not remember if I broke at all in the entire tournament, and they were about to announce finals. I had a dream once that a competition was being held in the Haunted Mansion and Jack Sparrow was there. Even though my dreams may be a little out of the ordinary, speech and debate dreams are not uncommon. The worst of these are the tournament nightmares.

You forget your lines. You forget your suit. You forget your evidence. You forget your expos boards. You forget your shoes. You forget your apologetics box. You forget your script submission and you're at a tournament 10 billion miles away from your house. You get lost. You oversleep and miss the tournament. You show up for a debate round barefoot and in pajamas. You give a speech in the wrong room. Your debate partner cancels at the last second and you have to debate in Policy by yourself. You take last place in all of your events. The list goes on.These are the nightmares you could be having. And now, you probably will. Hahahahaha. Sorry.

Now you may be thinking, invisible reader, "Chandler, why would we LIKE tournament nightmares? This is not SCHSADKH, Stuff Christian Homeschooled Speech and Debate Kids Hate!"

True. But I'll tell you why we should like tournament nightmares:

They don't really happen!
Sure, things can go wrong at a competition from time to time. But nothing like a tournament nightmare.

You're homeschooled. Sweet dreams.

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