Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being Off-Book

Scripts are irritating. Well, sort of. They're great because they tell us what to say. As long as you have your script in front of you, your interp or platform is bound to go somewhat smoothly as long you don't lose your place or forget how to read or something. In that respect, they're very nice. That's why I wanted to be the 1A- because the 1AC is scripted. It's the easiest speech in the round! Of course, the 1AR is the hardest, but I'll worry about that later.

But still, it's a great feeling to be off your script, or "off-book" as the actor-types call it. No more trying to awkwardly hold your script while doing your interp blocking with one hand. No more tucking it under your arm for the parts you absolutely need two hands for though you may struggle with memorization. No more inconvenient podiums. No more lack of eye contact for fear you might just lose your place in your lines. No more passing the only script you have to your duo partner so he can say his line and give it back to you. No more glancing exasperatedly at the kid holding your script for you in case you forget something, which you did. No folks, this is the part where your interp is real. You've found your piece, cut it, practiced it, and now you're practically ready for competition.

And then you make a bunch of changes to your piece and you're back on-book again. Such is life.

You're homeschooled.... Line, please?


  1. Ooh . . . how I LOVE the feeling of finally knowing I'm officially OFF-BOOK!!! =) You truly expressed it perfectly.

    (BTW, minor typo in the second line . . . "you." =)

    I totally hate it when you're on book again. For the sixth time that year. Seriously, though, James and I changed our duo and I mean MAJORLY changed) probably four or five times over the course of the year. It was interesting.

    This was a long comment. Sorry. =)

  2. Thank you. :) Doesn't matter how many times I proof-read, there may always be typos.