Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being Used As An Impromptu Example

The other day, I was practicing my duo at a club meeting. Right as we finished, my friend Grant walked in and stood by the door. As I was walking out of the room, he whispered, "I used you in an impromptu." Flabbergasted and intrigued, I composed myself and responded with an ever-eloquent, "What?" We stepped out of the room and he told me the whole story. Turns out the speech was about exploring and illuminating things or something. He talked about how I take the stuff Christian homeschooled speech and debate kids like and write about it on this here blog and make it, quote "awesome." Kid, keep it up and you will do well in this event.

That was the first time I had ever been talked about in someone else's impromptu speech, to my knowledge. I thought it was pretty cool. As long as I'm not being used as a negative example type thing, I have no objections. This kid I know recently heard that he was once an impromptu example. Oddly enough, he requested that the speaker please never do that again, even though he was a positive example. Apparently he found it creepy. I don't know why. I think it's awesome.

So watch out. I just might use you in an impromptu speech. Stay on my good side, people. You never know what I'll do.

You're homeschooled. Try to set a good example.


  1. I DO try . . .


    Michael Sheetz, if you're reading this, I did an impromptu with you as the topic once. I used you as an example. I hope you don't mind. Carey probably already told you about it, because she was the one who gave me the topic. =)

    I did use you in a positive way. Totally non-awkward. But positive.


  2. ^ @ Michael: You probably don't even remember me. Sorry. Ask Carey. =)