Friday, August 31, 2012

Being in Awards Slideshows

You know when you're at a baseball game, and the giant screen will sometimes illuminate with a larger-than-life depiction of some thrilled fan? Being in an awards ceremony slideshow is kind of like that, except not live, so you don't get the humorous reactions. But it is like the baseball thing in other ways. First, everyone's looking at you, B) you are also looking at a giant image of you, and lastly, it's extremely unlikely that you will actually be up there, but instead it will happen to the people sitting right next to you four times. At least, that's how it always feels for me.

But sometimes, the inconceivable occurs, and there I am! It's weird!

One time, this mom from my club with a camera came to one of my debate rounds. I got really excited because I knew that she was the official tournament photographer. "Are we going to be in the slideshow?" I awaited her answer with baited breath. It came in the affirmative. "Yep!"she replied not nearly as enthusiastically as I did. But I almost didn't notice. I was so happy. She later took pictures of my duo partner and myself practicing our epic swordfight, so that ended up on the giant screen as well. I guess the secret is to know the photographer, which, because she was the only official photo-taker I knew, explains why I've ended up on the slideshow maybe six times in the... 15 tournaments I've been to. And I don't mean 6/15 tournaments. Six pictures ever. And if you're wanting to see those pictures, I happen to have a couple:

Chandler Lasch: TPer and Interper Extraordinaire.
Fact: if you don't look ridiculous in a tournament picture, you're doing it wrong.
You know, maybe it's a good thing I don't end up on the slideshow much. I mean, I've seen a number of pictures of myself giving speeches, and I tend to make odd faces. But then I'm always making odd faces, especially in interps.
p.s. see that necklace I'm wearing? The next day, the clasp would break and the necklace would start to fall off right smack in the middle of our duo and I would have to chuck it under the table behind us as soon as I turned around and it would make a loud noise and no one would know what it was except me but everyone would wonder until I picked it up at the end. Good times, good times.

One of the most fun and also most annoying parts of the awards slideshow is the way people react when they see someone they know. I mean, I'm okay with everyone giving a little cheer for the tournament director. I'll tolerate light applause for the people doing tab, ballots, the snack table, or some other really, really essential competition job. I'll even forgive an occasional, "Hey, that's me!" or that sounds of one young man clapping his neighbor on the back who has just had his face stretched into an extreme amount of pixels for all of the students to see as if said neighbor had received some sort of major award. But what gets really old really fast is when people scream every time they see themselves or someone they know. Which, if you're friendly, is going to be a lot of people. A LOT of people. And they never stop screaming! On the other side of the issue, it is a lot of fun to let out a squeal when you see a friend. It's like your friend is famous! And you knew him before he was! Yea!

So... fine. Fine. I get excited when I see me on the tournament slideshow, I give you permission to get excited too. It really is a neat experience: that two seconds of everyone staring at you and there's nothing you can do about it. It's bliss for those of us that like attention, which is, you know, all of us.

You're homeschooled. It shows.

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