Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exciting Research

At a recent debate meeting, I was put in charge of a mini-research pod and appointed the task of assigning assignments and orchestrating the orchestration of a negative brief which we would be writing. Now, I know what you're thinking: First off, you're probably wondering, "Why were you put in charge?" That's a good question.

Secondly, you're probably thinking, "That doesn't sound very exciting!" A worthy objection. But it is exciting! I started on the assignment I assigned to myself and I was pretty excited. If minds could literally buzz, mine would still be buzzing with Disads, contents of the countless articles I have open on my computer, rejected Counter Plans, Topicality arguments and so. much. more. It's really fun.

Every once in a while, a debater gets excited while researching something. The homework doesn't seem a chore any more, because now you think you've got something good. You can't wait to see what it is or how it will turn out. You can't wait to piece all your findings together in some kind of glorious puzzle of ink and paper that will someday, in some round, prove invaluable. You can't want to tell your friends, your coach, your mom about it, so you do. Yes, every once in a while, a debater remembers why he or she likes debate. And that's really super exciting.

When do you realize you've found a find that's exciting? I'm not sure. It could be as soon as you Ctrl+F an article to find the exact words you're looking for, only to have your eyes find the exact argument you're looking for right around that highlighted portion of your screen. It could be when you're trying to construct a Disadvantage, and your ideas click together perfectly in a Uniqueness, Link, Brink, Impact format. It could be when you're thinking out loud with your mom and she sheds a lot of clarity of the last hour's worth of research so that suddenly it all seems really clear. It could be, but it's hard to say. Whatever the case, the fun part comes from the excitement of exciting research that makes you so... excited.

You're homeschooled. It doesn't get much better than this.

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