Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding Speeches Really Far In Advance

I've had the duo I'm doing this year (2012 season) since 2010. I just couldn't find anyone to do it with for a while. This is very uncommon, to have a piece that early. Consequently, you can assume that it doesn't happen often, and it doesn't usually happen to me. Finding pieces ridiculously early can be a bit frustrating sometimes. If you happen to stumble across a good interp or platform idea that you can't use for a while, you're likely to feel impatient. That's ok. That just means you'll be better when it's time.

Even though I said that I don't usually find pieces that early, I must admit that I have at least 4 OIs that I would love to do next year. Four. That's not going to work. But I found them all really early and I adore them all. I'm ridiculous, but don't say I'm the only one. Every once in a while, a CHSADK will come up with a crazy and great idea for a speech or case long before one is necessary.

What do you do then? Well, you have a couple of options. You could say, "Why do anything else? I'm already ahead of the game." and then go lay on your couch for a few months until everyone catches up to you. Or, you could get started on your speech and have it memorized by September and amaze everyone with your superior skills. That's always fun.

Here's the thing: finding speeches is hard, especially when we're prone to procrastination. But when you've got a good one before you need it? It's a super great feeling.

You're homeschooled. Get to work! 

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