Sunday, December 4, 2011

That Other Club

My loyalties lie fully with my club, Veritas. There is no question about that. I love those guys and I would never leave. BUT. At tournaments, I spend time with other clubs. That's ok. Everybody does this. Well, throughout the entire first year of my speech career, I was kind of a Veritas-introvert who knew only one person outside of her own club, but now I do this. Competitions are some of the only times I get to see these people. One trend I've noticed among many CHSADK's is that they tend to attach themselves to another club, generally one in specific, that sort of adopts them for the tournament, not because they don't have a club, but because they like those other people too. That other club that is almost their's could be referred to as, "That Other Club."

Other clubs are fun. I have a suspicion as to which club is my other club at tournaments. If you're reading this, and you think it's your club, let's just say it is. Anyway, there are lots of reasons why it's fun to have people to adopt you. For one thing, like I said, you don't get to see them a ton probably. So when you do, you have to go crazy and give awkward hugs left and right. Additionally, other clubs just mean more people to scream and cheer and forensic clap for you and give high-fives at breaks. And you can do the same for them. You can play Egyptian Rat Slap or Mafia with your other club. You can ask them what speeches they're doing, and then go watch them. You can debate them and be not-nervous and have a great time. You can do all kinds of fun things with fun people in fun clubs!

The interesting part about having an other club is that the coach of that club probably doesn't even know you're an unofficial team member. Other clubs tend to be just between the kids. That's ok. It can be kind of sneaky. Otherwise someone might think you're disloyal to your club and things could just get awkward from there.

You're homeschooled. You can be on my team.

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