Saturday, December 24, 2011

When The Alumni Come Home For Christmas

Last Monday night was a pretty cool night at debate. See, most of our alumni are mean and would rather go off to college instead of hanging with us fun people. But not this week. They're all on Christmas vacation, and evidently there's nothing they'd rather do on their break than participate in an educational activity- aka come to a debate meeting. Like I said, it was pretty cool to see them all again. Lots of those guys graduated the year I joined speech, some the year after and some before, so they're really old. (I didn't even recognize one of them, which made me feel like a total novice again)

Seriously though, us CHSADKs love our alumni. We don't always get to see them, so they can make our Christmas breaks even more special. Reminisce on old resolutions, inside jokes, ridiculous ballots, fun rounds, hilarious club meetings, and other occurrences that I'm pretty sure they made up- it's what alumni do best.

They'll be going back to school soon. We'll miss them again. We'll probably cry and cry. But hey. There's always next summer, right?

You're homeschooled. Merry Christmas.

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