Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Acting Really Extra Super Nice In Rounds

I have had several really bizarre rounds, and I've only debated 24 rounds in competition in my entire life.
Huh. That's weird. When I put it that way, it sounds like a lot, but I had intended for it not to. Weird.

Anyway, this year was my first in debate, so I haven't been debating that long, clearly. But of course, as evidenced by every other post, I still notice some occurrences that frequently occur in-round. And, of course, the exceptions.

One such exception was at my second debate competition ever. I was under the impression that us CHSADKs always acted really extra super nice in rounds. That is generally true. Perhaps that's why I was so taken aback in the first Cross-Ex, right after my 1AC. And then when I got up to Cross-Ex the next guy. These debaters had a strange habit of YELLING REALLY LOUD. Some might call it passion. I called it "scary." I seem to have blocked most of my memories during that round, but I definitely recall one conversation.

Other Guy: So you're saying that YOUR ONLY PIECE OF EVIDENCE under that advantage IS FROM A BIASED. SOURCE.
Me: (here I got mad.) NO.
Other Guy: (visibly shocked in my imagination.)
Me: That is not a biased source because [awesome comeback] and that is not our only piece of evidence.
Other Guy: (probably gritting teeth) Nofurtherquestions.

And his partner yelled at me in my Cross-Ex too. :(
Without even thinking, I stepped back as soon as he raised his voice. Perhaps it was to exaggerate our height difference in the eyes of the judge, so I looked even smaller. I don't know. Then my voice got really high, and I responded to him verryy slowwlly, like I talk to the kids I babysit when they're about to throw a tantrum. It was a weird reaction, but it worked.

What startled me so much about this round is that most of the people I have debated have always been really extra super nice to me in rounds. And I try to be really extra super nice too, especially against less-experienced teams. It's a lot more fun that way. There have been so many instances where I have had to remind myself (and my partner) simply to be nice. It's cool when the judges notice and your speaker points reflect, but it's much cooler when the other person/team is nice right back at ya, and then everyone's nice and charming and smiley and happy and stuff.

We're good kids, aren't we? That's rhetorical. You could leave a comment and answer if you want, though. But really, I mean it. We're good kids. We're nice even to the people we're competing against. I love that about us. Way to set a good example, other people.

But I didn't really tell you the end of that one story I told you a few paragraphs ago. See, as it turns out, those two guys are actually very nice, just not in rounds, where they tend to be very, uh... intense. I didn't like them much after that round, but they totally redeemed themselves later on, just in case you were curious.

You're homeschooled. Be nice. I know I don't have to tell you twice.

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