Friday, April 6, 2012

Your First Time in Finals

I remember my first time in finals like it was only 859 days ago, on February 20, 2010, shortly after 1:15 in room D215 where I was assigned 4th speaker but actually went first because I was the only one there. I just have a really good memory like that. And I write postings on my iPod.

Anyway, the point is, I remember my first time in finals. Who wouldn't? I remember being absolutely shocked when my name was called and being speechless, somewhat ironically. I remember the kid standing in front of me turning around to congratulate me and me nodding emphatically as a way of saying, "THANK YOU!!" I remember doing my DI for the 5th time ever in competition before a group of judges and like, three other people, and then going to watch duos with everyone else. I remember a bunch of awesome people taking 1st-7th and me taking 8th place and being ecstatic.

I remember my friend's first time in finals. She joined the same year I did, and she's a fantastic interper, but hadn't ever gotten past semis in her first two years, which is certainly not bad but I couldn't help feeling like she deserved to go farther. Then, this last year, she did! I was pretty excited for her, but I started jumping up and down and hugging her simultaneously in my excitement when I heard it was her first time! I didn't even care anymore that my speech didn't break at all. I just cared about my friend. Your first time in finals is really cool, and I was so so happy for her.

Breaking to finals is a great feeling. Especially if it's early on in your career and you can presumably only go up from there. After all, you've probably still got a few years left. Or even if you don't, it feels good to finally reach that sometimes-seemingly unattainable goal. Especially if they have tall trophies. Trophies are the fun part, after all. We all want them, even if they aren't the most important thing and all that other stuff that people who have a lot of them will say. It's fun to have a trophy or two to put on the bookshelf. Especially if your competition was stiff, and especially if it was your first trophy ever. You only get one first time. Make it awesome.

You're homeschooled, and you nevereverever forget your first time in finals.

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  1. Hannah SocolofskyApril 19, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    The first time in finals is the best. =)

    Just a quick comment: I love that Regan's first time in finals, she won. =D I was so excited for her. I wish we could all do that. =/