Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Your Friends Watch You Speak

If there is anything better than strangers going to a room specifically to watch you speak, it has to be when your friends do that very thing. I've always loved how supportive we are of each other. And what better way to support a friend's speech career than to go watch them? Granted, sometimes we get nervous when other people watch us, at least at the beginning. But generally, we get over that and love it when people care enough to come and see us.

An alumni friend of mine came to a tournament where I was competing last year. He met me on the way to my duo room.
"Hey, I'm coming to watch to your duo, so it'd better be funny."
"Oh, well, it's not."
"It's not?"
"No, it's actually really depressing."

Then he looked really sad later.
Ok, maybe that wasn't the best example. I mean, he did go specifically to see me, but maybe he was just feeling depressed from the speech. Sometimes people watch my sad speeches and feel depressed, and then I feel like giving them a hug.

But there are tons and tons and tons of other times my wonderful friends have watched me speak and been happy after, which is always very great. And yea, they still make me nervous. And I love it anyway.

Face it: if you're in a speech and debate league for Christian homeschoolers and have managed to make a friend or two, chances are you're friends with some seriously talented people. Why would you not want to watch them? Also, chances are that if you're in this league, you like having the attention on you. Not in a prideful, vain sort of way, but in a I-like-performing-and-communicating sort of way. Isn't that why we're here?

Another reason we're here (besides to speak) is to hear speeches! That's one of the best parts! Don't you love it when your friends fill up a room for you? Or when you get to fill up a room for your friend?

You're homeschooled. I'm feeling the love.


  1. Hannah SocolofskyApril 23, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Having people do this for me (and doing it for others) is one of my favorite parts of speech tournaments. I love it.

    *sniff* Now I'm all sentimental. ='D

  2. I broke to impromptu finals a couple tournaments ago, and I had this entourage of about 10+ people. Unfortunately, they had to sit through two other boring impromptus.