Monday, April 30, 2012


Before I did debate, there were numerous things I found really, really funny about it. One of those things was a concept I now know is called "double-tagging." To a flowing debater, it's actually very convenient. You know what to write down because the speaker says it twice. If you didn't catch the tag the first time, he'll say it again. It's very helpful. I see that now. But to a mere observer who doesn't know how to flow and can't remember what "Solvency" means, it's hilarious. I knew that whatever was said twice must have been important (why else would you say it twice?) but that was all I understood about double-tagging.

Besides allowing the other team to catch your arguments, double-tagging has some other handy advantages as well:

1. More time
EvidentlyItalkfastindebatewhoknewright? Well, I know this now because my 1AC would always go way shorter than it was supposed to. The solution? Double-tag everything important. Slowly. It's a great tool. It takes lots of time, which is why I don't always double-tag in the 1AR.

2. Wake up the judges
Debate is sort of boring when judges have been judging it for the past three days. The easy way to get them back into the round is to double-tag. The important stuff is the stuff you say twice, so they know to write it down. Even I knew that.

3. A chance to make eye contact
Debate is a lot of reading. This makes it hard to look at the judges, unless you memorized your evidence, which I never did intentionally. So, be sure to make eye-contact during the second tagline. And try to look up at other times too, because no one will actually see you because they'll be writing down your tag.

4. A friendly reminder that everyone is listening to you
This is your speech. You are the one they're listening too. In fact, even if you start repeating yourself, they're still going to listen to you and only you. Muahahaha!

Double-tagging is not only funny, but also kind of fun! Allow me to demonstrate:

You're homeschooled.
You're homeschooled.

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